December 25, 2010

HG World - Season 02 - The Googies - The Final Chapter

Trapped underground Ken Peters and Barbara race against time to rescue value data that may turn the tide in the zombie war.  In the present, Ken and Mark have a final conversation and Mark reveals his own surprising secret.  The end will tie together into HG World: The Final Season featuring Ken Peters, Jill Woodbine, and many more of the original cast back for the final battle between the living and the dead -- coming soon.

Episode 13 starred James Baxter as Ken, Bryan Lincoln as Mark, and Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Jo. Featuring Jule Hoverson as Balamani Sarasvatsi, Ayoub Khote as McInnes, Michael L Stokes as Grant, Laura Nicole as Shiva Vesta, Eric Avedissian as Archer, and Mae Sally Rouge Pax as the Nurse.

The episode was written by Jay Smith. Show running and Editing by Bryan Lincoln. Sound FX, Sound Design, mixing and mastering by Michael L Stokes. Musical Direction by Michael L Stokes featuring original music by Kevin MacLeod.

HG World is a production of 3015 North Studios under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial, No-Derivatives 4.0 International License.  For more information visit us at


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