May 22, 2018

Pilot Episode: “A Billion Smithereens”

This show was a pilot for a series about Winston Somerset Palmer, a man who survived cancer and embarked on a quest to find himself. Winston's story evolved into what became a novel, "The Resurrection Pact" with Winston (now "Casey") finding a strong reason to live in a geek noir mystery.

This is the original concept, produced in November of 2010. 

"When you've got nothing to look forward to, you find yourself looking back"

On the other side of the pain and the fear, beyond the long, desperate nights alone or among strangers, they told me there would be peace. They told me there would be light and music and joy. In the end, there was just another day. At a luxury Caribbean resort on the island of Charu, Winston Somerset Palmer looks off The Deep End and considers his past, his second chance, and how he can deconstruct a lifetime of mediocrity.

"Featuring Frank Bedene, Steve Cox, Stacy Dooks, Tracy Hall, D.T. Kelly, and Ayoub Khote. Written and Directed by Jay Smith. Audio production by Michael L. Stokes. Music furnished via the Creative Commons License, "Beach Party", “Stealth Groover” Kevin MacLeod (, "Brain Drift" by Michael L Stokes, and featuring "I'm Letting Go" by Josh Woodward."

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