May 28, 2018

Hidden Harbor Mysteries 01

An apocalyptic vision of the late 40s with America fighting a war against a terrifying Soviet Union that has obliterated Nazi Germany in a swift, bloody invasion.  Now, with western Europe in the balance, we are introduced to a poor and desperate America where there are still many "haves" but far more "have nots" with the majority of its heroes entrenched in eastern France to keep Democracy alive.  But there are still heroes on the homefront fighting the darkness seeping inland. Our story begins with a simple family trying to get home after a night at the theater...

Dave Robison as The Narrator. Veronica Giguere as Ghost. Brion Humphrey as Thomas. Lauren Harris as Martha. Renee Chambliss as Bruce. Rish Outfield as Michael. Alex White as Folsom. Bryan Lincoln as Affiliate Announcer and Mr. Spittle.


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