December 31, 2011

HG World - Season 03 - Episode 05 - “Lock Up the Streets and Houses”

The season finale is here. The game has changed and everyone wants to get to Wishwell, PA and the HG World refuge.  Meanwhile within HG World, the peace is broken as dark secrets are revealed.  And the world will change forever for those taken shelter at the First Church of Wishwell. HG WORLD Episode 5, "Lock Up the Streets & Houses" featured Jason Arumond as REG, Eric Avedissian as ARCHER, Glen Bartram as HARRIS, Steve Cox as MR. FISHER, Keith R.A. DeCandido as TODD RAGE, Stacy Dooks as GARRISON, M Sieiro Garcia as JENNY JO and SARGE, Tracy Hall as DOREEN, Shane Harris as THE MAYOR, Orenthal Hawkins as HAWK, Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as JO, D T Kelly as JEB, Laura Nicole as AARON, Scott Pigg as MORRISON, Rebecca Rinas as RONNI, Lee Sands as DOGBERRY, Dustin Shanafelter as DAVID, Reena Sharma as BARBARA, Ryan Smith as HICKS, David Sobkowiak as READICK. Carole Stokes as JAN, Michael L Stokes as MAJOR GRANT, and Mark Zaricor as CRAZY JOE and PASTOR DAWKINS. Production Show Runner Ayoub Khote. Line Direction by Laura Nicole and Bryan Lincoln. Scene Assembly by Bryan Lincoln and Scott Pigg. Foley and Sound FX Wrangling by Scott Pigg. Engineered and Mixed by Michael L. Stokes. Music composed and arranged my Michael L. Stokes. Ukelele performed by Wally Smith. Jonathan Coulton's "De-Evolving" used in compliance with the Creative Commons License. HG World was Written by Jay Smith and is a production of 3015 north studios. William Shatner will return in "By Hooker by Crook"

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