An Introduction to a decade of shows on this network including the zombie horror serial HG WORLD, the pulp adventure HIDDEN HARBOR MYSTERIES, fantasy and horror fiction, and podcasts on writing, cosplay, ghost hunting, and more. All on one channel.  Like and subscribe for more adventures and check out Jay's web page -

  • Narrated by Tracy Hall
  • "De-evolving" - (Theme from HG World) by Jonathan Coulton
  • Hidden Harbor Mysteries intro by Bryan Lincoln and Dave Robison
  • Music by Kevin MacLeod


In this episode of "WHY?!" Jay talks with podcaster, author, and child of The Muses, Dave Robison.  They talk about keeping motivated, finding the joy in the work that comes with creation, the long game of building a career, and the importance of the solitary artist to indulge in collaboration to experience the world from different perspectives.

Also, we introduce PROJECT: ARCHIVOS, a contest to create a unique story based on elements by our guests.

"WHY?!" is produced by Holden Smith and Jay Smith.  Music by Kevin MacLeod.  The program is sponsored by ARCHIVOS: Your stories, illuminated.

A short collection of spooky stories written for subreddit groups, read by various YouTubers:  (YouTube channels in the links)

  1. Swiss Cheese Memory read by Miss FEARsome
    It's hard enough when you can't remember your friends and loved ones, but what about your enemies?
  2. Leave Hester House Alone read by Hellfreezer
    A group of teenagers discovers there are worse things in the local woods than a legendary haunted house.
  3. Young, Dumb, and Full of Tequila read by Mortis Media
    Before cell phones and AirBNBs, a group of friends reunites at the wrong house in the wrong town.
  4. The Circus Next Door read by Miss FEARsome
    Creepy neighbors torment a young man just looking to move on with his life.

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