An Introduction to a decade of shows on this network including the zombie horror serial HG WORLD, the pulp adventure HIDDEN HARBOR MYSTERIES, fantasy and horror fiction, and podcasts on writing, cosplay, ghost hunting, and more. All on one channel.  Like and subscribe for more adventures and check out Jay's web page -

  • Narrated by Tracy Hall
  • "De-evolving" - (Theme from HG World) by Jonathan Coulton
  • Hidden Harbor Mysteries intro by Bryan Lincoln and Dave Robison
  • Music by Kevin MacLeod
Mobsters disrupt Barbara Wilson's charity event.  What they want is more than the cash and jewels of Hidden Harbor's elite, but the Femme Phantom has something to say about that. Meanwhile wanted fugitives try to leave the country with the help of a Hidden Harbor gang boss but find themselves in dire straits.   Our heroes go on the offensive.

Dave Robison as The Narrator.  Veronica Giguere as Barbara Wilson. Kathryn Pryde as Mistress Penumbra. Pat Krane as Heath Wrathborn. James Baxter Patton as Caspar Dixon. Laura Nicole as Kat Sparrow. Alex White as Greenstreet. Brion Humphrey as Sasha Rosenko. Lauren Harris as Miska Rosenko. M Sieiro Garcia as Mistress Talon. Rish Outfield as Lucas.  Mae Rogue-Sally Pax as Sandra. John Lincoln as a Guest and a Thug. Bryan Lincoln as a Thug.

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