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  • Narrated by Tracy Hall
  • "De-evolving" - (Theme from HG World) by Jonathan Coulton
  • Hidden Harbor Mysteries intro by Bryan Lincoln and Dave Robison
  • Music by Kevin MacLeod

Recorded in 2012, this interview with Dan Aykroyd covers “the family business” of ghost hunting and what exists in the afterworld. Jay Smith interviews the creator and star of Ghostbusters about what exists beyond the mortal coil and how we might discover its truths.

Peter Aykroyd’s book “A History of Ghosts” is the foundation of this discussion and the starting point for future RFG investigations into supernatural phenomena.


Special thanks to Crystal Head Vodka for the opportunity to speak with Mr. Aykroyd.



This episode featured

Jay Smith, host
Dan Aykroyd, guest
Ivo Shandor, announcer from beyond the grave.

Music and sound copyright Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Soundtrack composed and conducted by Elmer Bernstein.
Excerpt from the Crystal Head Vodka promo furnished by our friends at Crystal Head Vodka.

*This interview first aired on the Sci Fi Diner Podcast. Please check them out for amazing and awesome pop culture interviews and discussions!

Note:  This interview was recorded “on the fly” with a hand-held recorder.  Apologies for the low quality in parts of the recording.

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