An Introduction to a decade of shows on this network including the zombie horror serial HG WORLD, the pulp adventure HIDDEN HARBOR MYSTERIES, fantasy and horror fiction, and podcasts on writing, cosplay, ghost hunting, and more. All on one channel.  Like and subscribe for more adventures and check out Jay's web page -

  • Narrated by Tracy Hall
  • "De-evolving" - (Theme from HG World) by Jonathan Coulton
  • Hidden Harbor Mysteries intro by Bryan Lincoln and Dave Robison
  • Music by Kevin MacLeod

The Zombie uprising reaches Wishwell, PA as Ronni & Hicks head into town and Gray leads Caitlin out of town... The Cast Featured Keith R A DeCandido as Todd Rage Stacy Dooks as Gray M Sieiro Garcia as Caitlin D J Breau as Derrik Mark Zaricor as Deputy Dale Ginny Swann as Colleen Rebecca Rinas as Ronni Ryan Smith as Hicks D T Kelly as neighbor with Eugie Foster, Tracy Evans, Mike Stokes and Cheryl Malcom HG World is produced by 3015 North Studios Written and produced by Jay Smith with production assistance by Martha Linbo-Terhaar Carole Stokes, Michael Stokes and Pam Smith Sound effects courtesy of For a full listing of contributors, please visit Jonathan Coulton appears courtesy of the Creative Commons license. Please visit him and his goodness at HG World is directed by Jay Smith

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