An Introduction to a decade of shows on this network including the zombie horror serial HG WORLD, the pulp adventure HIDDEN HARBOR MYSTERIES, fantasy and horror fiction, and podcasts on writing, cosplay, ghost hunting, and more. All on one channel.  Like and subscribe for more adventures and check out Jay's web page -

  • Narrated by Tracy Hall
  • "De-evolving" - (Theme from HG World) by Jonathan Coulton
  • Hidden Harbor Mysteries intro by Bryan Lincoln and Dave Robison
  • Music by Kevin MacLeod

Join Host Bryan Lincoln and Michael L Stokes in the late spring sunshine at BALTICON 46 with series creator Jay Smith, voice actors Laura Nicole (Shiva Vesta, Aaron), Keith DeCandido (Todd Rage), Carole Stokes (Narrator, Ruby),  M Sieiro Garcia (Caitlin, Sarge), Rebecca Rinas (Ronni), and Veronica Giguere (Jill Woodbine) for a talk on podcasting, audio drama and what is shaping up to be THE new media conference for audio dramatists, fullcasters and novelists for audio. We also talk about Googies, "In the Flesh" and Season 2 of HG World. Special thanks for Balticon organizers (especially Paul Fischer), Alex White, and the awesome podcasting community for its support. Recorded Sunday May 27th, 2012 in the courtyard of the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn.

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