Our new season begins with a new arrival to HG World. Balamani "Barbara" Sarasvasti survived the winter and outlived her 10 refugee companions in the wilderness. Will she survive the bizarre and unnerving normality inside the House and Garden World warehouse? How has the staff of HG World changed over the winter months? Hopes are dashed as it appears the freeze did not destroy the creatures as expected. The dead, frozen throughout the harsh winter, are returning to the valley looking for fresh meat. As tensions grow inside HG World, some of the resident refugees begin snooping through the warehouse's underground. Featured in the cast are DT KELLY as your announcer and Jeb, REENA SHARMA as Barbara, DUSTIN SHANAFELTER as David, CURT ARNDT as The Down-Under Guy, FRANK BEDENE as Gregg, GINNY SWANN as Homewrecker Zombie, MARTHA LINBO-TERHAAR as Kara Hash, LANCE SCHONBERG as Krantz, STACY DOOKS as Garrison, Stern, and Military Zombie, MICHAEL L STOKES as Jack, CAROLE STOKES as Ruby, SHANE HARRIS as The Mayor, KEITH R A DeCANDIDO as Todd Rage, with John S Drew and Ryan Smith. The episode was Written and Directed by Jay Smith. Edited and Engineered by Michael Stokes HG World is produced by Jay Smith & Michael L Stokes with production assistance by Martha Linbo-Terhaar and Carole Stokes. Production Logo and additional Art by Adrianna Linbo-Terhaar. This show was edited with Reaper Audio Editor with some Sound Effects from freesound.org. Jonathan Coulton appears courtesy of the Creative Commons License. Visit jonathancoulton.com for music downloads and concert information. Music in this episode: "Interloper - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)" "Sinister_Bed#3 - Michael L Stokes" "Quinn's Song - A New Man - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)"

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