Stumbling upon a group of United Nations troops (including McInnes, Grant, Sarge, General Ying and Dr. Shiva Vesta) guarding a shelter full civilians, Ken has to figure out how to escape a burning camp filled with eaters and get everyone to safety while forming a plan to stop the GOO:GIEs from unleashing their plan against what's left of humanity.

HG World presents “The Googies” Chapter Six starred James Baxter as Ken, Bryan Lincoln as Mark, and Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Jo. It featured Ayoub Khote as McInnes, Michael L Stokes as Grant, M Sieiro Garcia as Sarge, Ron Runeborg as Ying and Laura Nicole as Shiva Vesta. With Ray Saltrelli as “B” and John Lincoln as Murph. The Episode was written by Jay Smith. Line direction and editing by Bryan Lincoln. Engineering, effects and mastering by Michael L Stokes. Production Support by Ginny Swann and M Sieiro Garcia. With musical direction by Jay Smith and Michael L Stokes.

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