Googies Chapter 2 stars James Baxter as Ken, Bryan Lincoln as Mark and Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Jo.  Also featuring Eric Avedissian as Frantz and Cromp, (etc.) Stacy Dooks as Brother Loving, Steve Cox as Guard, Peter Cavell as the Priest. Ken Peters takes an offer he cannot refuse and teams with the mysterious, sexy but potentially psychotic partner Jo to deliver secret through hostile zombie territory to a facility in exchange for badly needed supplies.  But Jo is unstable and the job sounds too good to be true.  Is it?   Learn more about Jo from HG World and how she came to be part of the Brotherhood and the Happy Valley Militia. ** This episode takes place during the gap between Season Zero and Season One of HG World ** The episode was written and directed by Jay Smith.  Show running and production by Ayoub Khote, Line and Vocal Direction by Laura Nicole and Bryan Lincoln, Editing by Bryan Lincoln and Scott Pigg, Sound FX and Foley engineering by Scott Pigg, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Michael L Stokes, Musical Direction by Michael L Stokes and Jay Smith featuring music by Michael L Stokes, Kevin MacLeod and Jonathan Coulton, both courtesy of the Creative Commons License.  HG World is a production of 3015 North Studios, with content used with permission under the Creative Commons License.  For more information on this production, visit us online at or join our Facebook page, follow Todd Rage on Twitter @HG_World.

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