HG World presents the story of "The Googies" told from the perspective of Ken "Herbie" Peters, a man who has put those long, dark days behind him but is now facing the end of life 35 years later. Part 1 takes us back to that world in the fall before Season 1.  What is "The Popcorn Express"?  Who are the Googies and why do they work through The Happy Valley Militia?  How do Group Captain McInnes, General Ying, Major Grant and Dr. Shiva Vesta figure into these events? *Editor's Note: The Events narrated by Ken Peters in this series fall between the end of Season Zero and the beginning of Season One.  The framing storyline takes place many years after the eater uprising.  (Don't worry, Ken explains it better than me.)

Googies Part 1 stars James Baxter as Ken, Bryan Lincoln as Mark and Lenny the Dispatcher and Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Jo.  Also featuring Ron Runeborg as Scott, Ginny Swann as Woman in Truck, Carole Stokes as the Site Dispatcher, Curt Arndt as Crewperson 2, Bernadette Groves as Crewperson 1 and The Nurse, Mandy Burbank as Mrs. Peters, Eric Avedissian as Frantz and Cromp, Scott Pigg as the Emcee, with Ginny Swann performing as India Argento. (Note: This episode is a re-release.  It was originally previewed in the fall of 2011. This remastered version contains a new prologue and corrected scenes.) The episode was written and directed by Jay Smith.  Show running and production by Ayoub Khote, Line and Vocal Direction by Laura Nicole, Editing by Bryan Lincoln and Scott Pigg, Sound FX and Foley engineering by Scott Pigg, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Michael L Stokes, Musical Direction by Michael L Stokes and Jay Smith featuring music by Michael L Stokes, Kevin MacLeod and Jonathan Coulton, both courtesy of the Creative Commons License.  Musical Arrangement for "Pull the String" by Ed Creamer with permission from Jonathan Coulton. HG World is a production of 3015 North Studios, with content used with permission under the Creative Commons License.  For more information on this production, visit us online at www.jaysmithaudio.com or join our Facebook page, follow Todd Rage on Twitter @HG_World

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