***THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SCENES OF INTENSE VIOLENCE THAT MAY BE DISTRESSING TO SOME LISTENERS. LISTENER-DISCRETION IS ADVISED.[*]*** Seasons change as we look in on the people of HG World, the First Church of Wishwell and the United Nations Necroambulate Disposal Detail. A stand off between the U N and Happy Valley Militia is interrupted by the arrival of a common enemy. Tensions between the constables of HG World come to a head. Ronni finally learns the fate of her family. Members of the church begin to break down as Pastor Dawkins tries to keep them calm and organized in preparation for a long, cold winter.

Featured in the cast were Frank Bedene as DAD, Mark Zaricor as DAWKINS, Jules Ismail as DIRK and KIRK, Lee Sands as DOGBERRY, Tracy Hall as DOREEN, Steve Cox as FISHER, Michael L Stokes as GRANT, Audio Élan as Mrs. GREEN, Ryan Smith as HICKS, Glenn Bartram as HUGH, DT Kelly as JEB, Lance Schonberg as KRANTZ, Shane Harris as MAYOR, Ayoub Khote as McINNES, Dedrick Jensen-Woodard as OHLSON, Becca Rinas as RONNI, Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as JO, Kimberly Gianopoulos as SGT WAKE, Eric Avedissian as THOMAS, Keith R A DeCandido as TODD RAGE, Ron Runeborg as YING.

The episode was Written and Directed by Jay Smith. Edited and Engineered by Michael Stokes HG World is produced by Jay Smith & Michael L Stokes with production assistance by Martha Linbo-Terhaar and Carole Stokes. Production Logo and additional Art by Adrianna Linbo-Terhaar. This show was edited with Reaper Audio Editor with some Sound Effects from freesound.org. For a full list of Freesound contributors, please visit us at www.jaysmithaudio.com. Jonathan Coulton appears courtesy of the Creative Commons License. Visit jonathancoulton.com for music downloads and concert information. Music Credits: "One of Them" - Kevin MacLeod "Cowboy Whiskey" by http://www.freesoundtrackmusic.com "Long Note One" - Kevin MacLeod "Trio for Piano, Cello, and Clarinet" - Kevin MacLeod "Stages of Grief" - Kevin MacLeod 

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